Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dubai Islamic Internet Banking?

The Dubai Islamic Internet Banking is a secure, easy to use service that allows you to access your DIBPL’s Current, Savings and Fixed Deposit accounts from anywhere in the world, at any time that suits you. You are given the power to carry out a wide range of banking transactions without needing to go to your branch.

What facilities are available to me through the Dubai Islamic Internet Banking System?

You can perform any of the following activities through the Dubai Islamic Internet Banking System:

  • Account Related
    • View your balance summary. Know where things stand with a glance at the figures!
    • View your Account Statements. You can view them online, download them or email to your account.
    • View status of Processed and Pending Cheques.
    • Open new accounts.
    • Open Fixed Deposit Accounts.
    • Order new ATM/Visa Debit Cards.
    • Block your Visa Debit Card.

  • Fund Transfers and Payments
    • Transfer of funds between your accounts with DIBPL.
    • Transfer of funds to another DIBPL customer.
    • Foreign Currency Transfer.

  • Demand Drafts and Cheques
    • Have Pay Orders and Demand Drafts made.
    • Order Cheque Books.
    • Block Cheques that you have issued.

  • Request opening of new Accounts
    • Request for new Visa Debit Cards.
    • Apply for Fixed Deposit Accounts.
    • Issue standing instructions.
    • View Consumer Finance payment history and next installment due date.

  • Customer Services
    • Change PIN.
    • Lodge Complaints and View the status of your complaint.
    • Set personal daily and monthly online transaction limits.
    • View Internet Banking Session summary and Internet Banking Account Activity.
    • Personalized home page and internal pages.

  • Payee List
    • Add a new beneficiary.
    • List all funds transferred or received from a particular beneficiary.

What accounts can I access using Dubai Islamic Internet Banking?

You will be allowed to access all accounts opened with DIBPL. Different accounts will allow you different forms of access privileges. For Term Deposit Accounts, the system allows you to view your account details. For Current, Savings and Savings Plus accounts, users will not only be able to view their account details, but also carry out funds transfers and all other activities mentioned in the previous questions.

Does DIBPL charge for its Internet Banking service?

There is no charge for using the Dubai Islamic Internet Banking service. Even registering for the service is free. Charges may be applied in the future.

When can I use Dubai Islamic Internet Banking?

The Internet Banking service is available to you any time of the day, all year round, similar to the Dubai Islamic 24/7 Phone Banking service.

Can I access the Dubai Islamic Internet Banking service from overseas?

Yes. The service allows you to have secure, round the clock access to your funds from anywhere in the world.

Do I need to be a DIBPL customer to use the Dubai Islamic Internet Banking service?

Yes, you need to have a DIBPL account to be able to register for the service. However, this is in no way difficult. Just click here to initiate an account opening request free of charge. You can also initiate the account opening request via Dubai Islamic 24/7 Phone Banking by calling 111-786-DIB (342).

How can I register for the Dubai Islamic Internet Banking facility?

There are three ways to apply for the Dubai Islamic Internet Banking facility:

  1. If you wish to register online, please click here. You will need to fill an online registration form. This form will ask for the following data:

    • NIC / Passport #
    • Account number
    • Other Information (Contact Information, Parents name etc.)

    After you have submitted the request, an email will be sent to the address you provided at the time of opening the account. This e-mail will contain a link to a password generation page. Here, you will be asked to create a password of your choice. A TPIN will also be generated for you and sent to your home address. Once this is done, you will be able to login.

  2. You can collect a registration form from your DIBPL branch, complete it and submit it there and then. You will receive your password by post or e-mail, which ever you prefer.

  3. You can also register via Dubai Islamic 24/7 Phone Banking. Just call 111-786 DIB (342) and request registration for Internet Banking.

What is a TPIN?

It is a computer generated number that you will use to perform any financial transaction through the Dubai Islamic Internet Banking system. The number will be used alongside your ID and Password and is meant as an added security arrangement.

What do I do if I forget my TPIN?

Select Generate TPIN from the menu. A new TPIN will be sent instantly to your registered email address.

What if I forget my Password?

If you forgot your Password then follow the Forgot Password link on login page.

What if I forget both, my Password and User ID?

If you forgot both, your Password and User ID you have to go through the registration process again.

What software do I need to use Internet Banking?

To comply with our security requirements you will need the following software to access Internet Banking.

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT4.0, XP or an Apple Macintosh running OS7 or above.
  • System Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer v4.01 or above/Netscape Navigator v4.08 or above.

What screen resolution should I use?

Internet Banking is designed for a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels or above. To check or alter your current resolution, please refer to your PC user manual.

Can I access Internet Banking if I am behind a corporate firewall?

Companies who operate a corporate firewall may not permit access to all sites. You should consult your Local Area Network (LAN) Administrator if you are unable to access Internet Banking.

What should I do if I have a query which is not answered here?

If you have a query which is not covered here please contact us at (92-21) 111-786-DIB (342). You can also email your queries to us at

Is this service secure? Who else will have access to my private data?

Yes, its as secure as it gets. The service employs the 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, one of the safest encryption technology used by banks and brokerages worldwide. All online sessions between you and the bank are protected by the same 128-bit encryption, preventing against disclosure to third parties.

What is encryption and how is it used to protect my information?

Encryption is the scrambling of data transforming it into an unreadable form. It prevents tampering with the data by unauthorized personnel. The strength of encryption can be measured by the number of 'bits' used in the 'scrambling' process. The latest web browsers use 128-bit encryption: the most secure form currently available.

What other features are used to ensure security?

  • 128-bit encryption technology, known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is currently the most secure in the industry.
  • User ID / Password for Login and TPIN requirement for Fund Transfer.
  • An inactivity time out period of 5 minutes.
  • Activity logs.
  • DIBPL is committed to ensuring that the service it offers is fully secure.

How do I activate Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Version 3.0?

  • Click on [Tools].
  • Select [Internet Options].
  • Select [Advanced] Tab.
  • Scroll down to [Security].
  • Check [Use SSL 3.0].
  • Click on [OK].

Do we use cookies?

Yes. The Dubai Islamic Internet Banking Service uses temporary cookies to enable the site to work efficiently. Cookies are small pieces of data which we store within your browser to allow us to see where you are within the site. These are deleted at the end of your session. No personal information is stored in cookies.

Is it safe to conduct internet banking transaction from internet cafe?

We highly advise you to take precaution when conducting transaction from public PC. Generally, public PCs are vulnerable to virus attack and various simple programs unintentionally downloaded. There is a risk that these programs were designed to read any keystrokes you make (including your Relationship No and Password) and will automatically send the stolen information to the program owner who would take the benefit.

How can I transfer funds using the Dubai Islamic Internet Banking System?

You can transfer funds between any DIBPL accounts. You can also set-up standing orders to make the process simpler and save time. For example, you can request a transfer of funds to Mr.XYZ on every 1st of the month. You will need the complete account number of the beneficiary of the transfer.

When will the funds be available in the receiving account?

The funds will be made available immediately after the transfer.

Is there a maximum limit on the amount of funds I can transfer?

You can transfer up to PKR 500,000 daily. This limit can be controlled by you to suit your comfort.

Can I pay my utility bills using the Dubai Islamic Internet Banking System?

This Facility will soon be available through Dubai Islamic Internet Banking.

Can I download and save my account information and transactions history?

Your transaction history is available from the time you opened your DIBPL account. Since the size of files containing all your transactions can be very large, you may need to download the data in batches because the maximum time period for any one download is six months.

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